The process

It's always wonderful when someone asks me to paint something just for them. I get to meet with the client, see their space and hang out for a while. So I get a text one day from a gal, Carol, asking if I would paint an angel for her bedroom. We set a date to meet. This gave me the opportunity to see her home, take her color palate into consideration, and really just get a good feel for what she wants in the painting. We also got to decide on the perfect size canvas. I went straight to my framer and had them build a heavy duty custom frame.

Once I'm home, back in my studio, I create the clients palate mixing paints, and constantly referring back to the photos I took of the space.

This piece, because it is to hang in her bedroom needed to have a calming effect, but yet I still wanted to have movement. I love drips! For me half the fun of painting is to let the paints do what they want, and they wanted to drip! We decided together that we wanted it hovering as a guardian. At the time, there was no specific gender, it was to be what came off the brush.

I went thru several iterations with the head. At first, she had a face, and I never paint faces. I don't know what that was all about. (See above). The next head I painted was out of proportion, oops. Finally, this third head fit just right. After hanging the painting we discussed maybe updating her bedding and adding some sheers to her windows. Her room is complete!